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Christ For The Nations is hosting our 14th Voice of Healing and Prophetic Conference 2023. We have heard from the Lord, and we are responding by creating a place for you to come and receive your healing and ministry to your soul. Believe and receive your miracle!

We are inviting you to attend this FREE event to learn how to receive healing for your spirit, soul and body.
The prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit will be demonstrated in power to lead God´s people into His wonderful promises and the benefits of His Word. You will have the opportunity to receive the Word of God, prayer and impartation from God´s servants as they minister on healing, deliverance and the prophetic.

Don´t let this opportunity pass you by. God will perform signs, wonders and miracles in our midst. Invite your family, your pastor, your church family, friends and those who are near and dear to you to come and receive the promises of God.

We are living in the last days, and God wants to equip His church for this end-time harvest.
“For He is faithful Who has promised us” (Hebrews 11:11, GNT)

Here are a few testimonies that will encourage your faith to join us!

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“While attending the VOHPC, Prophet Stephen Springer and his wife had a breakout session on activating and learning God’s prophetic word for His creation. As the meeting began, I prayed, 'Lord, I don’t just want to prophesy and do many wonderful works in Your name.' I said, 'Lord, I want You to know who I am.' As I had my eyes closed, I heard Prophet Springer speak to us all and say, ‘The Lord sees you, and He says He knows who you are.' Praise God! It was right then I felt the release to be free to prophesy, knowing my Savior knows me and knows that I will do His will."
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“The Lord broke the bondage of past traumas—suicide attempts, sexual abuse, lust and unforgiveness—were all washed away by the blood of Christ. These are things I didn’t even know I was still tied to or they had a hold on me.”
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“Dr. Paula Burt and Edith Prakash prayed over my back and right leg. I have been going to a chiropractor three times a week since late May of 2022. At the VOHPC I got completely healed—plus I received a huge mental breakthrough when Mary Colbert prayed over me.”
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"I came to the VOHPC completely broken and with many illnesses. In each meeting, the Lord was healing me in a specific way. He healed me of 4 different diseases—heart, pancreas, spinal disc, depression, anxiety, extreme stress, and my immune system was in grade 3 stress. Because of this, I was completely without energy (burned-out). Glory to God! He healed me and then anointed me with Joy in the form of laughter. He anointed me to be ready to start my ministry. The healing process was continuous through each of the speakers."

september 19-23, 2023


We will begin our sessions starting Tuesday night, September 19th with Dr. Don & Mary Colbert, through Saturday morning, September 23rd. Other key speakers will be Mario Murillo, Steven Springer, Emma Stark, Barbara Yoder, Dr. Paula Burt, Dr. Edith Prakash, Cristiane Peixoto, Andrew Brown and Connie McKenzie.

Also, on Friday night, we are featuring our former CFNI worship leader, Klaus Kuehn. Come and experience the presence of God in a powerful way!

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When you register, you will receive conference details and instructions. You will also receive instructions on how to access the live feed.


3315 Conway Street
Dallas, TX, 75224




Barbara Yoder


Dr. Edith Prakash

Dr. Paula Burt

Steven Springer

Klaus Kuehn


Cristiane Peixoto

Andrew Brown

Connie McKenzie


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