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“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the LORD.  Jeremiah 30:17

Christ For The Nations has been a home of hope, healing, transformation, and empowerment for thousands of people across the world since 1970, but the only way we continue to cultivate this, is by first being a home for the Holy Spirit. This year at The Voice of Healing and Prophetic Conference, we will be doing just that, honoring the prophetic word of the Holy Spirit as He heals many people in attendance and online, in His wonderful way. Whether you need a physical healing, inner healing, healing of the mind, whatever it may be, our heart for this conference is that you wouldn’t just receive a healing, but that you would meet the One who heals- the Holy Spirit. He knows you and your need, and His will is for you to be healed!

Please join us this year for The Voice and Healing and Prophetic Conference 2021, as we believe in faith for the miracles of healing that are going to take place, by the power of the Holy Spirit!

september 15-18, 2021


We will begin our sessions starting Wednesday the 15th through Saturday morning on the 18th, with key speakers such as: Emma Stark, Sean Smith, Steven Springer, Dr. Edith Prakash, Barbara Yoder, Andrew Brown, and Cristiane Peixoto! 

We also would like to welcome you to our ‘Tuesday Night Encounter’ service held by Christ for the Nations, with guest speaker soon to be announced! 

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When you register you will receive detailed instructions on how to access the live feed.


3315 Conway Street
Dallas, TX, 75224


Rich Vera

Rich Vera is the founder of Voice of Healing Outreach, a Miracle & Prophetic ministry with a tremendous world impact. Most recently, the Lord has called him to re-dig the wells of Healing- Miracle revival around America and begin old fashion Tent Revivals with a fresh anointing and Power as in the days of his mentor Rev Leroy Jenkins & Benny Hinn. Recently in Orlando, FL Rich held a month-long Tent Revival seeing miraculous healings, and thousands of souls saved, catching the attention and being featured in secular media because of the Miraculous. He travels the country with a fresh mantle, reaching the unreached, and demonstrating the miraculous healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paula Burt

Dr. Paula Burt has spent her life giving back to the Lord the gifts that He gave her. She has done this through pastoring, ministering internationally, and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and healing to the broken people around her. Dr. Paula moves greatly in the gift of healing, as the Lord gives her words of knowledge to help restore the lives of the hurting. Her prophetic insight has resulted in countless emotional and physical healings all around the world! Dr. Paula also is passionate about deliverance and seeing the captives set free. Her love for people and her love for the Lord is her motivation, and her greatest joy is to use these gifts for the furthering of the Lord’s Kingdom.

Dr. Edith dhana Prakash

Dr. Edith Prakash is originally from India. She has traveled globally and ministered with her mom until her 1995 marriage to pastor Felix Prakash. On graduating from Christ for the Nations in 1999, Felix and Edith furthered their education at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, both completing their Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degrees in practical theology. Dr. Prakash has traveled to more than 30 nations ministering in worship, teaching and preaching in churches, women’s conferences, evangelistic crusades and pastors conferences that attract tens of thousands of people.


Sean is the founder and President of Sean Smith Ministries. With over 30 years of ministry experience Sean has been involved in University outreaches, overseas missions, conferences, Bible schools and has been a forerunner for equipping the body of Christ in Prophetic Evangelism. Sean has witnessed thousands of healings & salvations throughout his years in ministry. Sean has authored 3 books including his most recent "I Am Your Sign". His heart burns to see an outpouring of the Spirit transform this nation. He also desires to see the name of Jesus made famous upon the lips of a generation. He is married to Christa and is the father of two children, Brandon and Brittany.

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown is the Founder and President of Andrew Brown Ministries International. He has a heart to see others walking in the fullness of their potential, which God desires for them. This was born from having experienced the transformative power in the name of Jesus within his own life, as well as those he has ministered to. He operates in the gifts of healing, prophecy, and the miraculous, seeing God continually do wonders to bring healing and deliverance to many who were afflicted with various kinds of sicknesses and diseases including terminal cancers, deafness, blindness, autism, heart disease, infertility, broken bones, and much more.

Steven Springer

Steven Springer and his wife Rene are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries, establishing places of God’s presence, which function as apostolic equipping centers. The Springers provide apostolic oversight to churches and ministries in the Upper Great Lakes Region, as well as in Ghana, Africa. Anointed as an Apostle, Prophet and Evangelist, Steven carries and imparts a remarkable gift of faith and compassion accompanied by great signs, wonders, and miracles. Ministering across the nations he has seen thousands of salvations, deliverances, and healings, including an eyeball growing back, tumors disappearing, and a baby being raised to life!

Cristane Peixoto

Pastor Cristiane, a pastor and prophet from Brazil with a strong seer anointing, has worked with inner healing and deliverance for more than 15 years. As a college student studying education and philosophy, Cristiane’s life was turned upside down when she had a supernatural encounter in which she was awakened by the audible voice of God calling her name. At this moment, God began to talk to her about the promises He had for her and the purpose He had for her life. Soon after, Cristiane began ministering to the poor and the homeless and doing evangelism on the streets where she began to gain experience in the area of deliverance. After marrying Pastor Joel Peixoto, Cristiane joined her husband in Salvador, Brazil, pastoring with him for 8 years, working in the area of inner healing, delivering and helping to restore lives.

Ana Paula (Valadão) Bessa


Ana Paula is a preacher, book author and songwriter and she ministers not only in Brazil, but in many nations around the world. She is the leader and founder of Before The Throne Ministry (Diante do Trono), one of the most well-known and renowned contemporary Christian music bands in Brazil and the world as well as Before the Throne’s Ministerial Training Center (CTMDT), a Worship and Missions school in Brazil where thousands of students were trained as pastors, missionaries and worship leaders. Her ministry is most known for the prophetic worship and intercession gatherings. In 2018, Ana Paula and her family moved from Dallas, Texas to South Florida and founded Before The Throne Church, a community of about 500 members in which they currently lead. From the USA they continue to reach out the world with their songs, prayers and teaching of God's Word.




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